Panwenz Environmental Technology

  • Panwenz environmental technology Inc. was established by an owner of a Danish engineering consultant company, a Taiwanese politician, and some Taiwanese (Presidents of an electronic company, a trading company, and a lawyer), in Feb. 1991 with a capital of New Taiwan Dollar 24.5 million (US$815,000), with all the way support from our mother company – San Chi Industrial Corporation, Ltd.

  • To achieve the aim of improving the environment of this beautiful island with population density of 649 people, we devote to every field that save our precious land.

  • We established close relationship with domestic entities of the field, plus industries covering almost all, bridging foreign consultant companies, and equipment suppliers with local entities.

  • We introduced advanced technology and did project consultancy, imported high quality equipment, mainly from northern and western Europe, such as Fine bar screen(Sweden), TOVEKO sand filter (Sweden), OXYGUARD sensor - analyzer and EXPONET filternet (Denmark), SUPRAFILT and AEC diffusers (Germany and Denmark), and sludge handling and treatment equipment and chemicals whatever applicable for water and waste water treatment plants.

  • Looking to the coming very near future, green energy plays an important role with the environmental protection task, we hence set up a sister company mainly focusing on business in this particular field. We cooperate with specialists keep on developing the best efficient energy conversion process supported by laboratory tests and real plants running.

  • As environmental issue is worldwide, Panwenz keeps on her post as being a successful bridge between Asia, particularly Chinese societies and worldwide advanced technology and equipment suppliers to smooth the job accomplishment between our clients and our partner team which has been enlarged year after year.